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Please read FAQ's AND  comments or  ASK your  questions below


Q: How much does it cost to sign up?

A: Nothing, there're NO sign-up fees (as of  Aug 2019).

Q: I would like to sign up as a sitter/nanny but why is it asking for my driver's license and social?

A: It is required to submit your personal info so we can verify your identity and order background checks on you.  Parents trust us that's why we require background checks at least once or twice each year for every nanny/sitter already on the platform.

Q: How much do I pay for background checks?

A: Nothing.  As of today, we're paying for it through our partners at VerifiedFirst, but that might NOT be the case a couple of months from today, by the end of 2019.

Q: What do you do with our personal info?

A: We use your personal information to check your identity and perform extensive background checks on you.

Q: What if I don't want to have background checks done on me?

A: We're sorry to hear that, if that's the case, please DO NOT sign up as a nanny/sitter on our platform.

Q:Who sets the price?

A: Prices are set by our AI system, by factoring in economic indexes of your state, time and other factors.  This means that if you live in Charlotte, NC, for instance, your rates will be different from those of some living in San Francisco, CA.

Q: As a parent, how do I check the rate for my area?

A: You do have to place a request to see the hourly rates.

Q: I leave in TX, what is the rate for my state?

A: There is no fixed price. In order to keep our prices affordable for parents, hourly rates change based location, time, and other economic factors.

Q: Can I rate a parent?

A: Yes, a nanny can rate a parent and parents can also rate nannies.

Q: As a nanny, what do I do if I cannot make it to an appointment?

A: Please, call your support line ASAP at (404)997-1501

Q:I'm a parent.  How can I add a child to my account?

A :  video:

Q: How to launch a request?

A: video:




Q: How long does it take for background checks to be done?

A: it usually takes between 2 days and 2 weeks. 

Q: I'm a nanny, how do I turn-on or turn-off my availability?

A: video:

Q: How do I accept a request?

A: Video:

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