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Educational and Developmental Activities for Kids Who Are Stuck Inside

Whether out of health concerns or due to the weather, sometimes kids are stuck inside with nothing to do. Boredom and frustration can lead to bad tempers pretty quickly. Fortunately, there are plenty of hands-on activities your younger kids can do that are fun, educational, and enhance their comprehension. You can even find educational websites that cater to things your child enjoys.

For kids with speech and language disorders, incorporate activities that focus on developing and improving their skills. You can also encourage themes such as dinosaurs, cars, animals, or art. This will keep kids interested and motivated to keep going.

Keep reading for some great tips from liTTLE bUNNY on where to start.

Spread Out

When everyone is home together, sometimes our kids are lashing out because of a need for elbow room. It’s easy to forget that even children need some alone time now and then. Having separate areas in your home for each child allows them to spread out and do their own thing sometimes.

Your children may want to read, do some crafting, or just play by themselves, and as Parent Co. points out, that solitudeoffers many healthy benefits, like promoting creativity and offering opportunities to refresh. Some parents may have concerns about children playing video games during their downtime, but they can be an excellent means of fostering curiosity, problem solving, and learning. Just keep in mind, “All good things in moderation.”

Art Lessons

Most kids love to make art; it’s common to see them light up when you hand out blank paper and crayons because they get to use their imaginations and see something come to life that wasn’t there before. Fostering this love of art and growing your child’s talent at home is important, especially since many schools don’t have the budget for art programs. Look online for free art lessons aimed at your child’s age group, and supply her with all the tools she’ll need to create something wonderful.

Make Math Fun

Math is often a struggle for kids because they don’t find it interesting; however, there are many ways (and handy apps) you can get your child into math by making it relate to real-world concepts. Introducing some fun into the learning can help your child look forward to math class at school, which will, in turn, help her engage more and boost her grades.


Science can be fun for kids of all ages, and there are several sites that will teach them how to properly and safely experiment with common household items (with your supervision, of course). Learning how to apply science and engineering methods in a hands-on way will get your kids interested in the concepts; Earth Science Junior offers some great tips on how to get started, like building with interlocking blocks and working from books of mazes.

Get Virtual

Many museums across the world have invested in technology that will help patrons learn more about the art housed within their walls without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes. Virtual tours are becoming popular these days in the classroom when there’s no room in the budget for a field trip, and your child can experience all the benefits as well. Mental Floss put together a list of the best museums for your child to tour, like the Louvre and the Smithsonian. If you have a virtual reality headset, there are tons of great options that will allow your child to be immersed in the world of art and history, but a desktop or laptop will also work just fine.

Helping your child find enriching and fun activities can be tricky, especially after boredom has already set in. Try to be patient and look for opportunities together so your children will know what to expect, and let kids choose a few to try under your supervision. Soon, they’ll be applying various concepts to real life, and it may even help with grades in school.

This article is brought to you by liTTLE bUNNY, an AI-powered application that is designed to help make childcare AFFORDABLE, EASY, and RELIABLE. For more information, contact us today!

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