Our Goal is to make childcare AFFORDABLE, EASY and RELIABLE.

liTTLE bUNNY is an AI-powered application that is designed to help achieve this goal.

Affordable because on average, our prices are lower than traditional childcare costs. Our hourly rates get  even lower when the parent is requesting service for more than 1 child.


Easy, because all you need to do is download our app, sign up free of charge and start making requests.  We provide 24 -7 services, there is no time restrictions.


Reliable, because we do not cancel on our customers, when a child specialist has accepted  a request but due to unforeseen circumstance she cannot make it,  our system will automatically roll over the request to the next available childcare specialist without inconveniencing the parent. 


There are 2 types of child care services we're offering: 


First, immediate child services.  When A customer is looking for someone to watch their children,  right away. She/he logs in the app and launches a request that gets accepted by one of our available child care specialists.  The customer can either drive to the child carer's place or have the sitter come to her/his place according to the type of request launched.

Second, future child services.  In this case, a customer logs in the app and launches a request for a future date and time.  this request also gets accepted by one of our child care specialists in the area. 


Both immediate and future requests are billed only after the completion of the service.


Providing VERY AFFORDABLE childcare is our main goal. 


Our prices are computed automatically by our AI system, which uses a list of different factors, such as the cost of living, the State or region, time , demand and so forth, so that a person living in Carey, NC will not be charged the same price for the same service as a person living in New York City.


Before launching a request, a customer can refer to our estimated hourly rates displayed on the map to have an idea of what the total price could be for her/his area.  Our estimated prices are usually 99.00% accurate, however, the final price could change slightly due to extra hours incurred, or other changes.


With affordability at the core of our system, the hourly rate is automatically reduced when the user is requesting service for 2 or more children.  The same happens when the user requests a service for long hours, or many days in advance.


There are 2 main types of pricing:


  • Request at the customer’s place (home)


  • Request at the sitter/nanny’s place (sitter’s place)


Requests at the customer’s place are charged a little bit more than requests at the babysitter’s place, but all within an affordable price range.


liTTLE bUNNY is a product of #Millennial R&D, LLC (www.millennials.tech), a thriving startup  whose founders are always researching for solutions to some real world problems, using technology.